Foundwood Carvings by Millard Harrell

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Cub Scout Pack 45
2008 and 2009





Woodcarving Classes - 2009




Three Men on a Bark Hunt in the Flint Hills of Kansas

April, 2009


Emporia is located between the Neosho and Cottonwood Rivers in eastern Kansas. The Flint Hills are to the west of us. Every creek and valley has cottonwood trees. The vast prairie lands of the Flint Hills that separate the rivers and streams are lush with tall grass prairie habitat. There is one huge tree just about a mile from my house that probably would supply many bark carvers with a life time of carving. I showed that tree to the guys, but we were going to the Flint Hills to find our bark.

Brian Moody, Gregg Thompson (both from Wichita and myself) loaded ourselves in the van and traveled to the Flint Hills to find "our pot of gold (a huge cottonwood tree).
I had spent some time the week before looking for a tree in the Flint Hills. I wanted the drive to be a typical Flint Hills scenic view and at the same time, I did not want to spend too much time looking for a tree rather than viewing our beautiful Flint Hills. Also . . . we had some bark carving we needed to do.

A beautiful morning . . . beautiful scenery . . . finding our cottonwood tree.
Yes, the tree was still there just as huge as you can imagine.
Yes, it had been struck by lightening. Mother Nature's way of helping a woodcarver.





3Gregg seems to be overwhelmed at such a big tree with so much bark.

Bryan starts searching for bark on the ground. Bark that Mother Nature through the power of lightening stripped right off the tree for us. 4




We found lots of nice pieces but decided to just clean up a couple so we could get to carving!
Bark is very dirty and after lying on the ground for quite some time, it was filled with bugs and crusty dirt.

Water and Elbow Grease - that is the secret for cleaning bark.
And a brush helps too.



I have a sharpener,
but Bryan brought his sharpener in which he made and it is so easy to travel with.

This is one amazing knife sharpener.



Note the high tech holding device!
Bryan holds the bark while Gregg prepares the surface.

Preparation of the bark takes time,
but makes carving a breeze.



Bryan using the knife with his right hand and guiding it with his left hand.

Carving can be very dangerous if you don't hold your knife correctly and use your hands and fingers to guide the knife.
Knives have to be very sharp to be able to carve.
One misguided cut can relieve a person from quite a bit of blood - quickly.




Gregg's finished wood spirit.
Hair, face, mustache and beard - and even teeth showing.
Good job Gregg!





Good results, lots of fun
and great fellowship celebrated.
More photos may be seen on my

As they were getting ready to leave,
just one more photo of them in the grass.

Bryan had plans for finishing touches on his when he was at his home.




Kaw Valley Woodcarving Club Seminar


April, 2009


I am proud to be a member of the Kaw Valley Woodcarvers in Topeka, Ks. and I enjoyed being their teacher for the April 18th and 19th Santa Carving Class.

There were 13 in the class and they were a very talented and fun group to work with.

The class was held at Carlin Honaker's Studio where many carving sessions are held for the Kaw Valley Woodcarving Club.
A special Thanks to Wanda Potter
for organizing the Woodcarving Class.
She certainly had everything ready for me
to start the classes.

Back row
Millard Harrell,
Jim Lloyd,
Gary Whitlock,
Gary Tomson,
Daryl Kellerman


Center row
Diane Loucks,
Sue Bergman,
Linda Benson,
Bruce Coffman



Front row
Wanda Potter and Robyn Ford

Not present for the photo 
Jim Perkins, Bob Speake, Bob Kinder







Great Santa Faces!
They certainly have captured my style of carving eyes.

Whew! That is scary!




Woodcarving Classes - 2008
Woodcarving Classes - Flyover People - Cheryl Unruh



See more photos of the Woodcarving Classes
by clicking on

Foundwood Carvings Blog


Woodcarving Seminar
Augusta, Ks
November, 2008


I had another great week end teaching a woodcarving class.
12 woodcarvers from Augusta, Derby, Mulvane and Wichita
participated in Knock off breitling these classes on Sat and Sun.
The class organizer, Ed Redwine, did an excellent job of
forming the class and saw that it ran smoothly.

Congratulations woodcarvers and Thank You for Knock off watches a very rewarding week end!

You certainly fulfilled all expectations.


This Replica omega for sale was Bryan Moody's second time to take a woodcarving class from me.
He had to leave the class early.


On Sat. morning, they did not think they could carve their Santa in two days.

Through their persistence,
most of them completed
their Santa Carving
and you can tell that Knock off Panerai they followed instructions very well.




Woodcarving Seminar
Great Bend, Ks
July, 2008

You can tell that I was having fun at the Great Bend Santa Face Seminar.
This is what I call having a great time when you Knock off omega are retired.

Thank You Barry Bowers for coordinating such a fantastic week end.


Golden Belt Woodcarvers
Great Bend, KS

Thank You for your
hospitality and for an
awesome week end with you.


I doną²„member
what the joke was,
but the total weekend
was a very happy occasion.

I hope I get the opportunity
to do more of these.


Having so much fun and getting results like this was remarkable.Replica omega watches

The Santa's on the stands
were mine that I Replica cartier watches used
for examples.





Basic Woodcarving I - 2008

Basic Woodcarving Seminar forKnock off rolex Beginners  
Instructor, Millard Harrell

June, 2008

          The students selected one of "in the round" projects as described below         
under materials.  "Grump" or "Redneck" or "The Farmer".

Seminar students Lindsey Selzer ( Hesston, Ks.) and Bryan Moody (Wichita,Ks.)
are pictured below.  Lindsey chose to carve Grump and Bryan chose Redneck.







*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Below are examples of the Beginning and Intermediate Carving Projects


Carved by Millard Harrell
from a
Steve Prescott Blockhead Roughout










Carved by Millard Harrell
from a
Steve Prescott Blockhead Roughout



Pictured with the Blockhead Blank

There will not be any two "Grump's" alike.
Grump's hands do not show
which makes a beginning woodcarving
much easier.









Only a Mother could love Grump




Carved by Millard Harrell
from a
Steve Prescott Blockhead Roughout











June, 2009

Troop Pack 45
Cub Scout Family Camp Out
Camp Alexander  
(Close to Emporia)


Soap Carving

1. Use a Bar of Ivory Soap
2. Place it on a full sheet of paper
3. Draw around the bar of soap
4. Take the bar off the paper and write your initials in the bar of soap space
5. Wrap the paper around the soap so your initials are in the center
6. Use a nail or pencil to punch through the paper around your initials
7. Use a table knife to carve your initials in the bar of soap

A Special Thanks to Long John Silvers - Emporia
for donating their sturdy plastic knives
to the Cub Scouts for this event.




his fun time for the Cub Scouts is for the Family.
It is so neat to see the parents and their boys working together.



What a nice surprise!
A Beautiful Visitor at our Table




May, 2008

Troop Pack 45

Cub Scout Family Camp Out
Camp Alexander  
(Close to Emporia)







Summer Woodcarving Class - 2007
Flint Hills Technical College


I taught a Woodcarving Class, Summer of 2007
I had two students in my class.  It was very enjoyable for all of us.


Flint Hills Technical College


They received certificates from FHTC for participating and completing their project in the class.


byJimmie Nix

Jimmie Nix - Millard Harrell - Curtis Rhoades

Carving by
Curtis Rhoades


Curtis Rhoades is retired (89 years old).  He was an amazing student, so energetic.
Jimmie Nix is retired and has a retirement business of Custom Engraving


Jimmie engraved the Sesquicentennial Spirit Plaques,
which can be viewed by clicking on Emporia 150 yrs.
Click "Contact" above, then click "Emporia 150 yrs" below.



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