Foundwood Carvings by Millard Harrell

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Bark Carvings

Wood Spirits


Sunflower Spirit


Rodeo Clown 


Young Coyote


Bark Spirit


Winking Spirit





"Rainbow" Old Hippie






Bob & Dian's Amulet Wood Spirit




The Legend

As you walk through the forest with trees overhead,
You can feel the presence, or so it's been said.

His eyes are upon you as you stroll through the trees,
He is the WoodSpirit who hides in the leaves.

The forest is home to WoodSpirits a plenty,Imitation rolex
His sightings are few, but his numbers are many,

A walk through the forest, a glance at a branch,fake rolex for sale
A glance at a WoodSpirit happens by chance.

From the roots that are anchors, to the tips of his leaves,
He is the Caretaker to all that he sees.

If you enter the forest with intentions of evil,
A WoodSpirits wrath can cause an upheaval.

Though his face is hidden beneath the bark,
A nimble knife can release his true heart.

Can hair be feathers?  Can beards be leaves? Imitation omega
A WoodSpirit lives for those who believes.

Is it man or beast?  Is it woman or bird? Imitation Panerai
Any combination of these is what I have heard.

The life is eternal, so I've been told,
The Spirit of the Woods wears the face of the old.

Though the numbers are many, his sightings are few,,"
A Woodspirits presence can bring luck to you.

Michael D. Sadkin



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