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emporia main street


"Imagine the Possibilities"


Main Street is a national program designed to restore downtown areas
as viable marketplaces and the center of community activity.
Emporia Main Street was established in 1991 and is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization.
In 2005 Emporia received the Great American Main Street Award, the first ever in Kansas.
The National Trust for Historic Preservation's Great American Main Street Award
recognizes exceptional accomplishments in revitalizing America's historic
and older Main Street commercial districts.

Emporia Main Street Organization

Main Streets 2007 Business of the Year - Town Crier Book Store

Town Crier Book Store - Emporia, KS



Main Street's Annual Auction was Nov. 1, 2007
707 Commercial - Emporia, KS
This wood spirit with the 150 years wood nickel was donated for the auction.




In the collection of
Barb Newell






All pictures and everything in blue are hyperlinked on this page,
as well as all of the other pages within this web site.

  Throughout this web site, I have shared several topics and phases of interest about Emporia, Kansas, USA.  Emporia is a very positive city  with much history, many sites and signs of exuberant ambition.  We are very happy to be a part of such a progressive community and enjoy sharing the history, the sites and the many signs of progress with everyone.  We moved here in 2002 when we retired, and feel that this is truly our home.  Although I have shared several web sites and links with you as you have gone through the pages of my web site, I would like to share some other web sites that describes Emporia in so many different phases.  



   One of the most informative and interesting web sites that originates in Emporia, is Flyover People.  This site is designed by a husband and wife team - Dave Leiker and Cheryl Unruh.  The web has been designed by Dave and the text is by Cheryl.  The photography is by both, Cheryl and Dave. Cheryl is a commentator for Kansas Public Radio and for the Emporia Gazette.  You can click on the title of each of Cheryl's commentaries and read them in full, or you can listen to Cheryl read her own commentary's on the radio. Dave is a professional photographer and he is the Web & Electronic Media Manager for USD 253. 
   This web site contains Daily News - something new about Emporia or some place in Kansas every day.  It allows for comments and has separate links for a wide variety of Discussion Topics.  The Discussion Member List includes people from many states and other countries.  The links that are available through this web site are numerous.  We are very fortunate to have Cheryl and Dave in our community contributing so much to so many people.  They are very dedicated and consistent with their talents - all on their own time and expense.
         You will notice that many of the links below came from Flyover People and have been printed by permission
                                                                         from Cheryl Unruh and Dave Leiker


One of our favorite and most impressive links is the tour of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. 
The photography and tour was presented by Dave Leiker on Flyover People
We hope you will take the time to tour our State Capitol.
More Topeka Attractions



More About Emporia

Driving Tour of Emporia and Vicinity by Roger Heineken on Flyover People


Penny Postcard from Lyon County/Emporia




Local Artists
Beautiful Photography Portraits and Original Photography by  Jerry Schrock
Fantastic Galleries - Photography by  Dave Leiker
 on  Flyover People
 Alan Tollakson   Stone Carver
Intuitive Art - Dolls by Janet Fish
Hand Blown Glass by Cecil Gary McKenzie and Lisa McKenzie
Ornamental Ironwork by Dave Edwards

C & Js Woodworks -  Conrad Wempe
A review of the Flint Hills in the New York Times.
Flint Hills "Prairie Burn" - Dave Leiker from  Prairie Dust on Flyover People

Flint Hills "The Prairie on Fire" by Louis Copt a former Emporian
 Prairie Burn, April 4, 2008 by Tom Porter
Flint Hills Gallery by Judith Mackey and Ken Mackey
Professional Artist Judith Mackey
Judith Mackey
Kansas Painter of the Tall Grass Prairie
Tom Porter's Photo Gallery - Kansas Photograher
Kansas Photography "Flyover People Users Gallery" Web Site by Christopher Cane

Kansas Artist and Photographer - Daniel Coburn
Kansas Art Museums - Kansas Grassroots and Folk Art

Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve
Kansas Photography Tallgrass Prairie Preserve & Cottonwood Falls, KS -  Tom Porter
Symphony in the Flint Hills - 2008 - Cheryl Unruh - Flyover People

Symphony in the Flint Hills Photo - 2008 - Dave Leiker - Flyover People
Covered Wagon Taxi to Symphony in the Flint Hills Photo - 2008 - Dave Leiker - Flyover People 




Emporia, Kansas

Emporia - "Outdoor Life" - Top Towns for Hunters and Anglers Destination
Emporia was listed by Outdoor Life magazine as one of the top towns for Hunters and Anglers to live.
Out of 200 towns, Emporia came in at No. 115, one of only three Kansas towns to make the list
(Dodge City - No. 108 and Junction City - No. 147)

Map of Emporia

Preston Plumb - One of the Founder's of Emporia
Emporia Gazette
Relocating to Emporia? 
Emporia On Line
Emporia Public Library 
(Oldest Library in the State of Kansas)

Lyon County Historical Society
Emporia Chamber of Commerce
Emporia's Progress

Emporia's Recreation and Sports
Emporia Community Resources Directory
Explore Emporia in Photos

More About Emporia 

Emporia's Uncle: The Poet Laureate of American Democracy
by Roger Heineken on Flyover People  

All about William Allen White

"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today."  William Allen White

"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others."
-William Allen White


"As a writer of terse, forcible, vigorous prose, he was unsurpassed.
He ennobled the profession of journalism."
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

About William Allen White
"What's the Matter with Kansas?"  William Allen White's  Famous Editorial
- Published Aug. 15, 1896
      While waiting for train to take him to Colorado on vacation, William Allen White and a local Populist became engaged in a street corner debate about the McKinley-Bryan campaign for President.  The Populist movement was strong in Kansas in the 1880's and 1890's, and sprang mainly from the frustrations of farmers and laborers.  Its leaders promised to empower poor farmers and workers and improve their financial condition.  On that August day in 1896, a group of Populists surrounded the chubby editor and poked him with a small stick.  When he broke away, he waddled furiously to his office and dashed off 1,140 angry words for the next edition under the headline "What's the Matter with Kansas?"  It was a conservative Republican's diatribe against the populist Part of Kansas, and it rocketed him to national prominence.
This article was reprinted in newspapers in Chicago and New York, where it caught the eye of Mark Hanna, Republican National Chairman.
He had it reprinted as a flier, and hundreds of thousands of copies circulated throughout the country.
It gave the Republican Party a theme for the presidential campaign, and its candidate, William McKinley, won the 1896 election,
When White returned from vacation, he found himself a national figure, in demand for speaking engagements across the country.
The lasting effect for White was that he established national contacts which kept him in intimate touch with political leaders and affairs.
He helped draft many Republican platforms.  He became an advisor to Presidents and Congressmen, and he visited the White House often.
William Allen White's Pulitzer Prize Editorial - "To an Anxious Friend" - Won Pulitzer Prize in 1923
      As an advocate of fair reporting, and well-thought-out opinion, he was less tolerant of the brash young journalist."
After meeting and becoming friends with Theodore Roosevelt, White moderated his conservative views.  He became one of the staunchest supporters of the progressive wing of the Republican Party, which promoted reforms regulating the profits American business owners might earn, and favored the enforced breakup of many industrial monopolies.
In 1922, White faced arrest and a possible jail sentence due to a public argument about labor rights and free speech with then governor of Kansas Henry Allen. White wrote, To an Anxious Friend, after the charges against him were dropped. An indication of his changed views was exemplified by this editorial in support of striking Kansas railroad workers.  A passionate defense of free speech in troubled times, "To An Anxious Friend" won White a Pulitzer Prize for journalism.     William Allen White - Free Speech
About William Lindsay White - Only Son of William Allen White
      William Lindsay White followed in his father's journalistic footprints.  Famous as a war correspondent, roving editor for The Reader's Digest and author of books, including the best sellers "A Journey for Margaret" and "They were Expendable",  "Young Bill" took over the help of the Emporia Gazette after his father's death.

William Lindsay White -  Book Review
"Mary White" - Another Famous Editorial of William Allen White - Published May 17, 1921
      Mary White, daughter of William Allen White and his wife, Sallie White.  Mary was killed in a horseback riding accident in 1921 at the age of 16.  Only a brief notice appeared in the Gazette that day, but a few days later White poured out his grief in a touching editorial eulogy which became a classic.
Chris Walker White - Great Grandson of William Allen White - Present Editor of The Emporia Gazette
      The newspaper remains a publication of the White Corporation over 100 years after White purchased it in 1895.  It was operated by his granddaughter and her husband, Barbara and David Walker, then in 1995 his great grandson, Christopher White Walker, joined the Gazette staff as assistant publisher and now serves as editor and publisher.
The exterior of the building has Imitation cartier been remodeled through the years, yet the character of the building and newspaper remain intact, and White's presence is still found within.  Visitors are welcome to browse in a small museum of old newspaper printing equipment inside.
Emporia Gazette and Museum

Editorial by William Allen White - "To Pardon a Wife Beater" - First Published in The Emporia Gazette - Dec. 1, 1906
      The Emporia Weekly Gazette - 29 Nov. 1906 - had the following article in it.
"Mary E. Mayes has filed suit for divorce from her husband, J. R. Mayes. She alleges cruelty and abuse. She asks for the care of the three children, two boys and a girl, ranging in ages from 4 to 11. She asks for the household goods, attorneys fees, and the $125 which is in the hands of Connell & Roberts. They held a mortgage on a team of Mays which they foreclosed lately. The team was sold, and she claims the money over the mortgage amounted to $125." 
Also, there was a small article in the same paper
      "A petition is being circulated by Charles Grimmett asking that Joe Mayes be pardoned from the county jail, where he is serving out a ninety day sentence for wife beating.  His wife has institute divorce proceeding against him."
Two days later, William Allen White wrote his Editorial - "To Pardon a Wife Beater"
      The Emporia Weekly Gazette - 14 Feb. 1907 - had an Obituary for J. R. Mayes. 
He had committed suicide by taking carbolic acid, on Feb. 10, 1907.  The obituary is in the Discussion of Flyover People 
Click on WAW on Domestic Violence 1906  and scroll down to the bottom to 
"Emporia Weekly Gazette .

William Allen White's Editorial's

Books by William Allen White

Quotes by William Allen White
        Although William Allen White never achieved an academic degree, he was awarded honorary degrees from ten colleges, namely the College of Emporia, Washburn University, Baker University, Columbia University, Oberlin College, Brown University, Northwestern University, Knox College, Beloit College and Harvard University.
      He received a Pulitzer Prize for the editorial, "To An Anxious Friend," and another posthumously for the Autobiography of William Allen White.
      Also after his death, the University of Kansas, Lawrence, named its journalism school "The William Allen White School of Journalism".
      In 1996, a panel of 15 state experts placed him first on a list of the most influential Kansan.

William Allen White Family Life & Times
William Allen White's 1924 Gubernatorial Campaign

William Allen White - A Kansas Portrait
William Allen White - One of the Truly Great Americans

William Allen White - A Kansas Treasure
William Allen White - Press Room
William Allen White - Home for Tourists

William Allen White - By Michael Gartner (Editor & Publisher) - Oct., 1999

Happy Birthday 140th Birthday William Allen White  - Feb. 10, 1868

"White was an optimist and a champion of the U.S. Constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment."
Roger Heineken

 William Allen  White Statue - Kansas State Capitol



Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People


Dedication for the William Allen White Home - Red Rocks

State Historic Site 
Reflections - William Allen White
The White House - Flyover People  
White Memorial Park  - Flyover People

Book Review "From Emporia - The Story of William Allen White" - by Tracy "Inside My Head"

About the Author - Beverley Olson Buller
More about the author - Beverley Olson Buller

About the Author of "From Emporia - The Story of William Allen White" - Beverley Olson Buller - by Cheryl Unruh
"From Emporia" - Emporia Gazette
White Story - Hutchinson News
William Allen White "Emporia's Favorite Son" - Commentary by Cheryl Unruh
About Mary White
Emporia Journal: Where Eloquence Seems a Birthright - New York Times
The William Allen White in All Her Glory
B-29 Named in Honor of William Allen White

B-29 Bombers Proud of World War II Service
The B-29 Crew visits W. A. White House - Flyover People
 B-29 Legacy - Flyover People     
Cheryl's commentary "The Victory Lap"



Emporia, Kansas

The Memorial Drive was established in 1955 by the William Allen White Emporia Memorial Foundation
"in an attempt to pay (White) back for his contributions to community pride."

William Allen White House State Historic Site
927 Exchange

William Allen White Elementary School
902 Exchange St.

William Allen White Memorial Library
ESU, Corner of 12th Ave. and Merchant St.

White Memorial Park
6th Ave. & Merchant St.

The Emporia Gazette
517 Merchant St.

William Allen White Bust and Memorial
Peter Pan Park - South Rural St. & Kansas Ave.




The National Teachers Hall of Fame

National Teachers Hall of Fame

National Teachers Hall of Fame
Honoring a Noble Profession
"One in a Million" -  Teacher's Who Make A Difference


The Historic Richard Howe House

Living History at the Howe House 2004 - Flyover People
The Howe House Celebration - 2007 - Flyover People 
Lyon County Museum - Howe House

The Granada

The Granada Beauty
Emporia's Granada

Toad Hollow Daylily Farm

Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People

Toad Hollow Daylily Farm - Flyover People

Toad Hollow Slideshow - Dave Leiker - Flyover People
Daylily Tour - July 2007 - Flyover People
Iris Tour - May 2008 - Flyover People


Emporia - Home of Clint Boyer - Nascar Racer

  Clint Bowyer
A very impressive article by
Bill Weber,           
Clint Boyer Day in Emporia - Flyover People

"He's Done It!"
Clint Bowyer Web Site
Emporia/Clint Bowyer
Audio Video - Clint Bowyer - Emporia Gazette
Emporia's Clint Bowyer - We are Proud of Him
Clint Boyer Charity  -
Thank You, Clint Boyer!
Bowyer wins wild one at Richmond - 5-3-2008
Clint Takes Richmond - Flyover People

Peter Pan Park

Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People

Peter Pan Park - Flyover People
Peter Pan Park Playground - Editorial by Patrick Kelley

It Takes A Community to Build a Playground - Emporia Did It!

Emporia's Zoo

Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People

Emporia's Zoo - Flyover People
Emporia's David Traylor Zoo
Christopher Franklin's Photo's of the Zoo Animals


Emporia State University
Emporia State University

2007 - ESU was chosen as one of the top four model programs in Teacher Education in the nation. 

(The other three universities were University of Virginia, Stanford University and Avilla College.)

2007 - "The Teachers College at Emporia State University,
received a Best Practice award from the
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education."
Christopher White Walker - Editor & Publisher

Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People
The sunken garden at ESU

Emporia State University - Center for Great Plains Studies - Plains Photo Project

Historic Library Building

Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People


Check out the Menu at Emporia State University Skyline Dining Room
ESU Dining


Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hills Technical College


Emporia Public Schools

Photo by Dave Leiker - Flyover People

USD 253 Administration and Services
USD 253

More About Emporia

History of Braum's Ice Cream











Ahh . . . . .
Posted on Flyover People by Cheryl Unruh

But to stand about the center of this section of prairie and to look and breathe!
I think that if I Imitation audemars piguet did this often I would sprout wings.

William A. Quayle in The Prairie and the Sea. 1905


Kansas State Bird - According to Fly Over People Editor - Cheryl Unruh


Penny Postcards from Kansas




Tour of the Kansas State Capitol by Dave Leiker




Kansas State Flag
Great Seat of Kansas




Click on
Kansas . . . . . . .
The Sunflower State

(Listen to Home on the Range)
We are very proud of the above Web Site
as it came from our own,
Morton County Library
Elkhart, KS
(Our home for 32 years)






The Kansas Flag
The Kansas flag consists of a dark blue field with the state seal in the center. A sunflower on a bar of twisted fake cartier gold lies above the seal, and below the seal is the word "Kansas". The seal contains a landscape that includes a rising sun, representing the east; and a river and steamboat, representing commerce. In the foreground, a settler's cabin and a man plowing a field represent agriculture. A wagon train heads west and buffalo are seen fleeing from two Indians.Replica rolex watches Around the top of the seal is a cluster of 34 stars. The state motto appears above the stars. 





Motto: Ad astra per aspera   To the stars through difficulties
Flower: Sunflower  Helianthus annuus
State Bird:  Western Meadowlark
State Animal - Buffalo
State Amphibian - Barred Tiger Salamander
State Symbol - The Jayhawker
State Insect - Honey Bee
Home on the Range   
Tree: Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)
Library: Blue Skyways - Kansas State Library
82282 sq.mi, 15th   Land 81823 sq. mi., 13th   Water 459 sq.mi., 43rd

      Agriculture: Cattle, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, hogs, corn.
Transportation equipment, food processing,
printing and publishing, chemical products, machinery, fake tag heuer for sale
apparel, petroleum, mining.

Geographic Center:
Barton, 15 miles northeast of Great Bend
Highest Point:
Mt. Sunflower; 4039 feet, 28th
Lowest Point:
Verdigris River; 680 feet, 43rd
Sunflower State
Origin of state's name:
From the Sioux Indian for "south wind people"
Population: Quick facts   2,688,418; 32nd, 12/00

The Great Seal of the
State of Kansas

In the picture of the state seal are thirty-four stars representing the order of statehood. Above the stars is the motto "To the Stars Through Difficulties". On the seal a sunrise overshadows a farmer plowing a field near his log cabin, a steamboat sailing the Kansas River, a wagon train heading west and Native Americans hunting bison. The Flag was  adopted in 1927.










Kansas State Capitol
Topeka, KS


Gov Mark Parkinson
Governor of Kansas


The Official Web Site of the State of Kansas
Tour of the Kansas State Capitol by Dave Leiker
The 8 Wonders of Kansas
Travel I-35  Welcome to the home of the I-35 Coalition
Kansas Day "Sounds Like Kansas" - 2010 - by Cheryl Unruh   
Kansas Day "Inside Kansas" - 2008 -  by Cheryl Unruh
Kansas Day  "On the Horizon" - 2007 - Commentary by Cheryl Unruh

Kansas History Online
Field Trips in Kansas for Kids
Kansas Travel and Tourism
Kansas Travel, Tourism and Restaurants
South Central Kansas Tourism Region

Kansas Convention and Visitor Bureau Directory 
Kansas As Big As You Think
Kansas Traveler
 Kansas on the Net
Images of Kansas Towns and Cities
Kansas Cities and Towns on the Internet
Directory of Cities and Towns in Kansas
Kansas - City and Town Official Web Sites
Kansas Very Small Towns and Villages (fewer than 1000 residents)
Kansas Cities, Towns and Neighborhoods
Kansas Community Networks

Historical Directory of Kansas Towns
Walter P Chrysler - Founder of the Chrylser Corporation

Kansas Oceans
Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses 
The Kansas Explorers Club
Kansas Places
Kansas Cattle Towns
Ghost Towns of Kansas

Little Known or Extinct Towns of Kansas

Santa Fe Trail Research
Kansas Arts Commission

M.T. Liggett's Political Sculptures - Mullinville, Kansas
Kansas Links - Dave Leiker 

More interesting Kansas  links to check out - Flyover People
More Kansas Links




A book about a  Kansas small town "Last Dance at the Frosty Queen" by Richard Uhlig
 by Flyover People

Richard Uhlig's  "Last Dance at the Frosty Queen" - Random House, Inc
"Last Dance at the Frosty Queen"- Commentary by Cheryl Unruh
 Flyover People  "Last Dance at the Frosty Queen"/Frigid Queen  "Hawker City"/Herington - Arty?
About Richard Uhlig by Cheryl Unruh
More about Richard Uhlig by
Tracy - "Inside My Head"



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