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Christmas Carvings

2007 Santa Face


Christmas Carvings
Christmas Carvings

Christmas Carvings
Univerasal Santa Roughout &
2006-2008 Christmas Carving


Christmas Carvings
2007 Santa Series


Christmas Carvings
2008 Santa Series

Christmas Carvings
2009 Santa Series

Christmas Carvings
2010 Elf Series




Various Woodcarvings




A Foundwood Carvings Original Wand
An original woodcarving by carver, Millard Harrell





The carving of vine within this Imitation breitling wand is sure to bring
peace and tranquility to its owner.
Vines are also know to represent
joy and the heart,
making it the perfect choice for love charms.




January, 2009


After carving Santa's for several months, it is nice to carve something else for a change.
Here are two wood spirits which I have Replica tag heuer for sale carved recently for collector's.
I am always happy to oblige collector's that want wood spirits with special themes.

You will notice that these wood spirits have a scorched appearance.
This is because I harvest almost all of my bark from fake rolex for sale Cottonwood trees
that have been struck by lightening, giving the spirits "special powers". (grin)"


Sunflower Wood Spirit Bark Carving
In the collection of
Daniel and Shirley Metheny
Lecompton, KS




The wood spirit below is a Nordic mythological theme featuring Odin and Thor.





3At the top of the Odin and Thor wood spirit is the symbol
for Odin's horse with eight legs.
3Working our way down, we have Odin with the rune symbols,
Alpha on the left and Omega on the right side of his helmet.

3The Odin rune is embedded in his beard and then on the left, fake breitling for sale are the very mystical words written in rune symbols, "Kansas Bark". (smile)
4Odin's son, Thor, is next with his hammer.4
At the bottom are the rune symbols that spell out his name, "Thor".




October, 2008

A customer ordered
3 unpainted firecrackers.




June, 2008
Life Phase Spirit





Feather Fan


Teepee and Moccasins












The Migrant Worker





Kansas Wood Spirit
Carved at the April, 2008 Artist's Walk in Emporia

Kansas Sunflower - Flyover People - Cheryl Unruh







The Newspaper Editor
May, 2008

Click on Woodcarving Illustrated Below
and Scroll Down to Cottonwood
for my story about Knock off Patek Philippe the Newspaper Editor
(To go to the 2nd page of the comments,
click on 13 at the bottom.)

Woodcarving Illustrated





The Green Man
April, 2008



Bark Carvings

Wood Spirits   

    The legend of the Woodspirit appears in many cultures, and surprisingly the legends are very similar.  Typically, each one contains the idea that the spirit of the tree resides within the bark of the tree until the woodcarver frees it.  Once the likeness of the spirit is revealed by the carver, it is placed in a home to protect, guard, keep order and bestow peace.

    These Woodspirits are all produced from the Kansas state tree, the Prairie Cottonwood.  They are hand carved and each is an original work of art by woodcarver, Millard Harrell.  The carved surfaces are the natural Replica breitling for sale color of the wood in the bark and it is not stained or the color altered in any way, except for the application of a clear finish coat.  Some Woodspirits have been painted, but are easily distinguished from those with the natural finish.




Sunflower Wood Spirit
In the collection of Sharol Cutrell

The Amulet Wood Spirit
In the collection of Bob & Dian Boaldin

"The Prophet" Wood Spirit



To view more wood spirits click on Wood Spirits at the bottom of this page
then at the bottom of that page you can go to "Wood Spirits 2" and "Wood Spirits 3"


Realistic and Caricatures in Bass Wood

View more carvings in "Portfolio"






Relief Carvings


More relief carvings in "Portfolio"









The Original
"Frosted Over Santa's 2007

The Original
"With A Stump of a Pipe 2008"

2009 Santa
Santa in the Round






Christmas Carvings in "Christmas Carvings 1"



Kaw Valley Woodcarving Show Topeka, KS  - Nov 2008

In Aug. I was commissioned to carve 45 Santa Faces
for a Technology Company for Christmas.
Because of this most challenging opportunity, I was unable to have
other woodcarvings for display or for sale at this Woodcarving Show. 
However, I enjoyed showing the Santa Faces that were completed at this date.







Wood Carving Competition

Kaw Valley Woodcarving Show Topeka, KS  - Nov 2007



The judge for the 2007 Kaw Valley Woodcarving Show
Hugh Beckham from Glen Haven, Colorado
Hugh has a woodcarving studio in his home which he moved it from Estes Park a few years ago.
Hugh is a past member of the Wichita Woodcarving Club.

There were 29 categories for the woodcarvers to enter their woodcarving in.
There were 52 participants in the 2007 Kaw Valley Woodcarving Competition.




Hugh and Millard with the
1st place ribbon for Ol' Flint
Category - Instructor Assisted or Seminar Carving
Gerald Copeland was the Instructor
for this project a few years ago.

Hugh and Millard with the
1st place ribbon for "Gone Hunt'n"
Category - Bark Carving

Lorne Ruby (President
of Kaw Valley Woodcarvers)
Hugh and Millard with the
1st place ribbon for
"Original Frosted Over Santa - 2007"
Category - Christmas Item




3rd Place White Ribbon
Gone Golf'n

Pat Moore
of Moore Roughouts
and Millard
discussing a Santa


Read the article in the Emporia Gazette that was posted on Flyover People
Woodcarver - Blue Ribbons


Kaw Valley Woodcarvers



Kaw Valley Woodcarving Show Topeka, KS  - Nov 2006





Santa Elf selected for 1st Place in  the 2006  Kaw Valley Woodcarver's Show in Christmas Carvings Category

The above Santa Elf was also selected for the 2006 Caricature Carvers of America Merit Award



Presented by Randy Landen

Randy resides in Derby, Ks and is a Captain on the Wichita Police Department.

Randy has given carving and painting classes at the Woodcarving Rendezvous,
the CCA (Caricature Carvers Association) 
and The International Wood Carvers Congress
and has served as the judge for  a number of woodcarving shows
throughout the midwest.
Click on Randy's web site below
Randy Landen


The Santa and Elf's Bark Carving was selected for 1st Place

in the 2006  Kaw Valley Woodcarver's Show in Bark Carving Category 


Judges for the 2006 Kaw Valley Woodcarving Show
Pam Gresham and Gerald Copeland presenting 1st place awards to
Millard Harrell for 1st in Bark Carvings and 1st in Christmas Ornaments

Pam Gresham (Branson, Mo) and  Gerald Copeland (Holton, Ks)

Gerald's carvings took Best of Show (Setting the Edge) and 2nd Best of Show (Moses; Man of God)  at the       International Woodcarver's Congress in Davenport, IA.   Gerald is a finish contractor by trade, and teaches woodcarving at the Woodcarving Rendezvous in Branson, MO

Pam teaches woodcarving at Branson, MO and specializes in Chip Carving.




Kaw Valley Woodcarving Show - 2006

Millard and Lorne Ruby - President of Kaw Valley Woodcarvers


Sesquicentennial Spirit Plaques

Carved in Wood

Resin Casts from Carvings

Finished Product

Finished Product

Emporia Spirits     Veteran - Railroad Worker - Educator - Farmer/Rancher
Emporia - 150 years



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